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Chidham & Hambrook Cricket Club hold an annual Golf Society at the end of each season. The inaugural winner in 2014 was Ben Gottesman and since then seven different names have featured on the winning trophy. The first six society days were held at Chichester Golf Centre (Tower Course), the 2020 society was cancelled due to COVID and from 2021 onwards the society has been held at the Goodwood park course. Willem Van Niekerk won the trophy for the 3rd time in 2022 with an impressive 37 points, adding to his wins from 2015 & 2018. Club skipper Keith Davey finally added his name to the trophy after scoring an impressive 39 points in 2023.


Roll of Honour

Year Winner Handicap Points
2023 Keith Davey 26 39
2022 Willem Van Niekerk 11 37
2021 Rory Peterson 22 34
2019 Andy Wild 18 37
2018 Willem Van Niekerk 12 39
2017 Clive Dungar 28 38
2016 Vinnie Smith 18 37
2015 Willem Van Niekerk 15 41
2014 Ben Gottesman 15 38

CHCC Golf Society Report 2023

Played at Goodwood Park 14/10/23

The 9th annual Chidham & Hambrook Cricket Club Golf Society took place at Goodwood Park golf course on Saturday 14th October and three new-comers featured in the starting list of twelve players - Nick Grocott and Simon Toms from Lou's Casuals CC and ex-jockey Chris Rosier all made their debuts. Reigning champion Willem Van Niekerk was sadly sidelined due to injury and regulars Clive Dungar, Steve Clark, Pete Wild, Andy Wild and John Strudwick were all unavailable. 


The players were treated to a fantastic all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet in the Goodwood hotel Bar & Grill before taking their places on the first tee, bathed in glorious sunshine, for a midday start. The twelve players were placed into one of four pools based on handicap ability and then a random draw was made to create three equal teams of four players. 


The nearest the pin contest once again took place on the 8th hole and Nick Porter made the first mark on the green but newcomer Chris Rosier got closer in the last group to win the prize. The longest drive took place on the 14th hole and Nick Porter hit a decent shot which landed on the fairway just to the right of the large bunker. Vinnie went next and his ball appeared to be heading for the bunker before turning at the last second and rolling six inches past Nick's ball, with none of the following players able to beat it. 


The team prize was very close on the day, the best team stableford score being recorded on each hole. Team two finished on 47pts, team three on 48pts and team one (Nick, Vinnie, Alex and Keith) came first on 50pts. In the individual competition skipper Keith Davey, having finished runner-up in 2015, finally got his name on the trophy with an impressive 39 points (26 handicap). Chris Rosier finished second on 37 points and Ben Blakeley finished 3rd on 36 points. The booby prize went to Paul O'Donohoe who only managed to score 12 points, although that is double the amount recorded by the wooden spoon winner in 2017.  


Team one headed back to Chez Davey for a victorious soak in the hot tub although poor old Nick came a cropper when fetching the team some beers, leading to a nasty bump on his shin. The majority of players then headed off to the Fox & Hounds for the annual cricket awards. 

Keith Davey 26 1 39
Chirs Rosier 18 3 37
Ben Blakeley 14 2 36
Simon Gill 5 2 33
Nick Porter 10 1 32 (18)
Simon Toms 17 3 32 (17)
Nick Grocott 9 3 30 (15)
Vinnie Smith 17 1 30 (13)
Tim Brewster 28 2 27
Alex Crook 28 1 28
Matt Rawlinson 40 2 15
Paul O'Donohoe 45 3 12

Prize Winners 2023


Overall Winner: Keith Davey (39)


Runner Up: Chris Rosier (37)


Third Place: Ben Blakeley (36)


Wooden Spoon: Paul O'Donohoe (15)


Nearest The Pin (8th): Chris Rosier


Longest Drive (14th): Vinnie Smith


Team Winners: Team 1 Nick Porter, Vinnie Smith, Keith Davey, Alex Crook (50pts)


CHCC Golf Society Report 2022

Played at Goodwood Park 15/10/22

15/10/22: The 8th annual Chidham & Hambrook Golf Society took place at Goodwood Park golf course on Saturday 15th October and twelve players made the starting line-up, reigning champion Rory Peterson the only late withdrawal due to injury. Following a delicious full English breakfast, the three groups of four players, equally split based on handicap ability, arrived at the first tee to be greeted by a sharp downpour which caused havoc for the first group's tee shots. The weather improved throughout the day but the strong winds made playing conditions tricky for all players.


The nearest the pin contest once again took place on the 8th hole and Vinnie hit his tee shot to within 6 feet of the pin to win the prize, but missed the birdie opportunity. Play continued with various alcoholic concoctions being consumed between shots whilst low-flying planes from the local airfield, graced the air above. There was controversy in the longest drive competition as the Goodwood staff had placed the marker on the entrance to the 14th fairway even though it had been requested for the 15th hole (and the sheet on the marker even stated the 15th hole). Alex Crook hit his best shot of the day on the 14th and despite Vinnie winning the longest drive on the correct fairway, he kindly donated his prize to Alex. 


The team prize was very close on the day with the average stableford scores ranging from 26 to 28 but the last group consisting of Nick, John, Matt and Pete performed the best on the day and won themselves a pack of Titleist balls each. Vinnie came 3rd overall with 32 points (14 Handicap), Nick came 2nd on 35 points (16) and Willem won the CHCC golf society for the third time in total with 37 points (11), following previous victories in 2018 and 2015. All of the golf prizes were presented as part of the CHCC awards evening in the Barleycorn later that day.

Willem Van Niekek 11 2 37
Vinnie Smith 14 1 32
Nick Porter 16 3 35
Keith Davey 19 2 26
John Strudwick 26 3 25
Alex Crook 26 1 27
Tim Brewster 28 2 17
Clive Dungar 28 1 26
Pete Wild 36 3 25
Matt Rawlinson 40 3 29
Paul O'Donohoe 45 1 24
Steve Clark 45 2 24

Prize Winners 2022


Overall Winner: Willem Van Niekerk (37)


Runner Up: Nick Porter (35)


Third Place: Vinnie Smith (32)


Wooden Spoon: Tim Brewster (17)


Nearest The Pin (8th): Vinnie Smith


Longest Drive (15th): Vinnie Smith


Team Winners: Group 3 Nick Porter, John Strudwick, Pete Wild, Matt Rawlinson (28.5pts)


CHCC Golf Society Report 2021

Played at Goodwood Park 09/10/21

09/10/21: The seventh annual Chidham & Hambrook Golf Society finally got underway at the Goodwood Park golf course after a one-year covid delay on Saturday 9th October. The fourteen players were randomly split into four groups based on handicap ability and after a delicious full English breakfast the competition got underway. POD also generously donated a bottle of tasty bramble gin to each group to help ease the nerves which, along with the various concoctions in indivdual hip flasks, made for an interesting round. It certainly hindered Strudders who even managed to leave his pitching wedge on the 14th green but luckily that was handed back in at the pro shop.


The nearest the pin contest took place on the par 3 8th hole and only Vinnie and Strudders made the green with Vinnie just winning by a few yards. The longest drive hole on the 15th was also heading the way of Vinnie with his 225 yard shot until Rory, playing in the 3rd group, sent a rocket down the fairway which sailed 10 yards past Vinnie's effort to win the prize.


The team prize went the way of the 2nd group consisting of Vinnie, Alex and Clive with their best two stableford scores on each hole totalling 78 points. The wooden spoon was won by Adam Selves (15 points), who was having his first ever full game of golf, but only just on countback from POD thanks to gaining one point less on the back 9 holes. The 3rd place prize also was decided on countback with Vinnie (32) just pipping Alex (32) to the post by one shot on the back 9. Willem Van Niekerk (33) finished 2nd and the overall winner this year was Rory who scored 34 points playing off a handicap of 22, the lowest winning score in the history of the CHCC golf society.

Willem Van Niekek 12 1 33
Vinnie Smith 16 2 32 (14)
Andy Wild 16 3 28
Keith Davey 19 4 25
Ben Gottesman 20 1 31
Rory Peterson 22 3 34
John Strudwick 26 4 24
Alex Crook 28 2 32 (13)
Clive Dungar 28 2 28
Pete Wild 28 3 16
Matt Rawlinson 36 4 20
Paul O'Donohoe 36 1 15 (10)
Steve Clark 36 4 19
Adam Selves 36 3 15 (9)

Prize Winners 2021


Overall Winner: Rory Peterson (34 points)


Runner Up: Willem Van Niekerk (33)


Third Place: Vinnie Smith (32)


Wooden Spoon: Adam Selves (15)


Nearest The Pin (8th): Vinnie Smith


Longest Drive (14th): Rory Peterson


Team Winners: Group 2 Vinnie Smith, Alex Crook, Clive Dungar (78)


CHCC Golf Society Report 2019

Played at Chichester Golf Centre on the Tower Course 12/10/19

12/10/19: The sixth annual Chidham & Hambrook Golf Society took place at Chichester Golf Centre (Tower Course) on the 12th October and ten players lined up on a damp and drizzly Saturday afternoon. Andy Clark was a late withdrawal due to family sickness. The draw was made for the teams to produce 3 equal groups based on handicap ability and players then enjoyed a full English breakfast in the clubhouse, sadly without the scheduled England World Cup rugby match which has been cancelled due to a typhoon in Japan.


The weather conditions weren't  much better in Chichester as the first group set off for their round at 11:00 starting with the short par 3. None of the players in that group made the green but in the second group Vinnie's ball landed 6ft from the pin and plugged about 3 inches deep illustrating how muddy and wet it was! The first group fared better on the 3rd hole which was the nearest the pin 150yd par 3 with Keith Davey's effort landing 6ft from the pin. Matt Rawlinson in the 2nd group was just outside Keith's effort on the same hole so Keith Davey had the first award in the bag. 


Next award was the longest drive on the par 4 11th hole, Andy Wild in group 1 kept his drive straight to get his name on the board, players in the second group didn't make the fairway so it was left for John Strudwick to pip Andy to the prize with a sterling effort in the last group. The rain increased throughout the day and all players were thoroughly soaked as they finished off on the 18th hole. Andy Wild couldn't find his first ball off the tee so quickly ran back to make a second attempt which landed 50 yards from the green. He then chipped his fourth shot straight into the hold to record a remarkable par and 3 points.


Players returned to the bar to dry off and sink a couple of beers as the scores were counted up. Andy's effort on the 18th hole kept in front to win the tournament with an impressive 37 points (18 Hcap). Vinnie finished off strongly to record 35 points (17) in second place and Keith finished 3rd on 34 points (24). The 2017 winner Clive Dungar had a poor first nine holes by his standards and was never able to get back in the running, finishing in tenth place on 19 points and earning himself the "Tescos Finest" wooden spoon and yellow range ball. He was just in front of Strudders and POD who both finished on 20 points. The awards were dished out in the Barleycorn prior to the end of season cricket awards.


Willem Van Niekek 12 3 26
Vinnie Smith 17 2 35
Andy Wild 18 1 37
Ben Gottesman 18 3 32
Keith Davey 24 1 34
Clive Dungar 25 2 19
John Strudwick 26 3 20
Pete Wild 28 1 22
POD 36 3 20
Matt Rawlinson 36 2 24

Prize Winners 2019


Overall Winner: Andy Wild (37 points)


Runner Up: Vinnie Smith (35)


Third Place: Keith Davey (34)


Wooden Spoon: Clive Dungar (20)


Nearest The Pin (3rd): Keith Davey


Longest Drive (11th): John Strudwick


Team Winners: Group 1 Andy Wild, Keith Davey, Pete Wild


CHCC Golf Society Report 2018

Played at the Chichester Golf Centre on the Tower Course 03/11/18

03/11/18: The fifth annual Chidham & Hambrook Golf Society took place at Chichester Golf Centre (Tower Course) on the 3rd November and twelve players lined up to enjoy the late autumn sunshine. Club members enjoyed a hearty cooked breakfast in the presence of their illustrious Chairman Andy Gubbs and then the draw was made for the teams, players being seeded on handicap ability, producing 3 equal groups of 4 players.


The first group out was Vinnie, Ben, POD and John - who needed constant reminders of the number of strokes he had taken on each hole. Ben hit a spectacular shot on the par 3 third hole which won him the nearest the pin prize for the second time. One of the best moments of the day, apart from the consumption of cigars and whisky, was when John's approach shot on the 5th hole knocked into POD's ball on the green and moved it 20ft closer the hole and a virtual gimme! Best of the group was Vinnie who scored 33 points which gave him third place overall.


The second group consisted of Willem, Clive, Pete and Keyno - Willem won the longest drive on the 10th with a monster shot and he also won first prize overall scoring 39 points from a 12 handicap - expect a cut next year! Clive was unable to match last years heroics but still posted a respectable 29 points and Keyno managed to scoop the wooden spoon with a not too shabby score of 17.


The last group out was Dave (making his debut), Keith, Jim and Matt (also debut) - all members of this group played very well and they won the overall team prize with an average score of 29.25 between them. Jim finished second overall with 34 points (following a second count in the clubhouse).


Dave McLean 10 C 31
Willem Van Niekek 12 B 39
Ben Gottesman 16 A 25
Vinnie Smith 17 A 33
Keith Davey 24 C 29
Clive Dungar 24 B 29
Jim Mansell 26 C 34
Pete Wild 28 B 25
John Strudwick 28 A 26
Matt Rawlinson 32 C 23
Paul O'Donohoe 36 A 19
Jon Keynes 36 B 17

Prize Winners 2018


Overall Winner: Willem Van Niekerk (39 points)


Runner Up: Jim Mansell (34)


Third Place: Vinnie Smith (33)


Wooden Spoon: Jon Keynes (17)


Nearest The Pin (3rd): Ben Gottesman


Longest Drive (10th): Willem Van Niekerk


Group Winners: Group C Dave McLean, Keith Davey, Jim Mansell, Matt Rawlinson

CHCC Golf Society Report 2017

Played at the Chichester Golf Centre on the Tower Course 25/11/17

25/11/17: Bright sunshine and freezing cold temperatures greeted the Chidham & Hambrook cricket players as they turned up for the 4th annual golf society at Chichester on Saturday morning. Two late drop outs meant that the field was reduced to 10 players this year and as always the day started with a hearty English breakfast and cups of coffee in the warm dining room. Following breakfast the draw for the day's groups was made in true World Cup style with players being seeded on handicap ability and with the 4-ball and 2 x 3-balls all decided it was off to the first tee with thermals, gloves and hats at the ready.


Best dressed golfer of the day went to Paul O'Donohue who donned a Russian Oligarch's fur hat and porn star shades whilst Keyno made do with tracksuit bottoms and trainers. The first team led by Captain Willem all played good tee-shots on the first hole and that set the tone for the rest of the day with the winner and runner-up both coming from this group - mind you the wooden spoon winner also came from the same group so they did well to keep their average up and scoop the best team prize.


Willem won the nearest the pin with a splendid tee-shot on the 3rd hole landing just 10 yards shy of the pin and Ben Gottesman won the longest drive on the 10th hole with a thundering drive that sent shockwaves through the group in front. The fact that Ben and his group even made it to the 10th hole was a miracle as they went AWOL after the 8th hole, somehow getting lost in the middle of the Tower Course - no doubt stoked up on cigars and whisky!


The Group C captain Vinnie Smith lost the plot on the 8th hole - with play grinding to a halt in front (probably due to cigars and whisky as per above), complaints coming from the groups behind and Keyno doing his best to lose all of his borrowed equipment - Vinnie smashed his drive straight into the lake, threw his club his anger, shouted a few expletives and sent his next ball straight into the trees - that put paid to his ambitions of retaining the title.


Meanwhile out in front Clive Dungar, who had asked for a higher handicap than 28 the previous week, was keeping his nerve and playing some exceptional golf and ended up winning the title on 38 points - another new name on the trophy and a suprise winner with pre-tournament odds of 16/1 - he will be playing off a 24 handicap next year. Previous winners Willem (36 points) and Ben (34 points) finished 2nd and 3rd respectively from their 12 and 16 handicaps and the wooden spoon was awarded to Gubbsy who scored 6 points on his golfing debut.


The players enjoyed a few beers after the society where the golf prizes and cricket prizes were awarded in a low-key cermeony and then a number of the team retired to the Bosham Inn for a end of season meal and a few more sherberts.


Willem Van Niekerk 12 A 36
Keith Davey 24 A 28
Clive Dungar 28 A 38
Andy Gubbs 36 A 6
Ben Gottesman 16 B 34
John Strudwick 24 B 13
Paul O'Donohue 36 B 21
Vinnie Smith 17 C 27
Rory Peterson 20 C 30
Jon Keynes 36 C 22

Prize Winners 2017


Overall Winner: Clive Dungar (38 points)


Runner Up: Willem Van Niekerk (36)


Third Place: Ben Gottesman (34)


Wooden Spoon: Andy Gubbs (6)


Nearest The Pin (3rd): Willem Van Niekerk


Longest Drive (10th): Ben Gottesman


Group Winners: Group A, Willem, Keith, Clive, Andy

CHCC Golf Society Results 2016

12/11/16: Chidham & Hambrook CC held their 3rd annual golf society at Chichester Golf Club on Saturday and despite the incessant rain the day proved to be a huge success. Eleven players made it to the start line this year and after enjoying a full English breakfast, in the company of our illustrious Chairman Andy Gubbs who never turns down a free brekkie, everyone donned their waterproofs, put up their umbrellas and headed to the first tee. Keith Davey, with his retro 1970s golf equipment, set the tone for the day with an amazing tee shot on the 120 yard par three which landed 3 foot from the pin. This fine form carried through to the third hole where a similar shot won him the "nearest the pin" prize - if only the whole course consisted of par three holes!


Steve Clarke decided a warm up was in order before the big game so he took part in a 3 mile race at Oaklands Park securing a PB in the process - unfortunately he didn't secure a PB on the golf course! Fair play to his dad Peter Clark though who despite being in his eightieth year, completed the 18 holes in the torrential rain and scored a respectable 18 points - hope I'm still playing at 80.


A huge angry swan greeted the group A team on the ninth green which put everyone off their putts but it was Vinnie who was spitting feathers on the next hole as his massive drive was a few yards off the fairway - Willem eventually won the "longest drive" prize with a similar shot which was just on the fairway.


Several of the players were granted a 36 handicap before the start of player to try and give everyone a fair chance but this concession almost backfired as Pete Wild produced the round of his life which would have given him second place on countback. However he decided to take off his skirt half way round and opt for a 28 handicap but still carded a very respectable 31 points. In fact all of the group A players were in contention for the title but a few late wayward shots from Davey and a hamlet moment for Chesshire in the 17th green bunker left the way for Vinnie to be the clubhouse leader on 37 points.


Willem came in next with 36 points and in the last group only Big Jim reached the 30 mark leaving Vinnie the overall winner, Willem in second place, Matt in 3rd with 35 points and Group A as winners of the team prize. 


Most of the players then headed back to the Barley Corn for some pool and darts action and sampled some more of Granville's culinary delights! 

Played at the Chichester Golf Centre on the Tower Course 12/11/16 

Vinnie Smith 18 A 16/21 = 37
Matt Chesshire 18 A 20/15 = 35
Keith Davey 24 A 16/16 = 32
Pete Wild 28 A 16/15 = 31
Willem Van Niekerk 12 B 20/16 = 36
Steve Clark 28 B 5/13 = 28
Peter Clark 22 B 7/11 = 18
Paul O'Donohue 36 B 13/10 = 23
Ben Gottesman 14 C 11/17 = 28
Jon Keynes 36 C 9/17 = 26
Jim Mansell 26 C 13/17 = 30

Prize Winners 2016


Overall Winner: Vinnie Smith (37 points)


Runner Up: Willem Van Niekerk (36)


Nearest The Pin (3rd): Keith Davey


Longest Drive (10th): Andy Wild


Group Winners: Group A, Vinnie, Matt, Keith & Pete

CHCC Golf Society Results 2015

Chidham & Hambrook CC Golf Society 2015

Played at the Chichester Golf Centre on the Tower Course 27/11/15 

Vinnie Smith 18 A 17/18 = 35
Paul O'Donohue 28 A 8/11 = 19
Keith Davey 24 A 13/23 = 36
Ben Gottesman 14 B 19/14 = 33
Andy Wild 28 B 12/14 = 26
Steve Clark 28 B 8/16 = 24
Peter Clark 22 B 13/13 = 26
Willem Van Niekerk 15 C 22/19 = 41
Jon Keynes 28 C 2/7 = 9
Jim Mansell 28 C 22/14 = 36
Pete Wild 28 C 8/9 = 17

Prize Winners 2015


Overall Winner: Willem Van Niekerk (41 points)


Runner Up: Keith Davey (36)


Nearest The Pin: Willem Van Niekerk


Longest Drive: Andy Wild


Group Winners: Group C, Willem, Jon, Jim & Pete

CHCC Golf Society Results 2014

Played at the Chichester Golf Centre on the Tower Course 16/11/14 

Vinnie Smith 18 31
Paul O'Donohue 28 19
Clive Dungar 28 32
Ben Gottesman 15 38
Andy Wild 28 23
David Loten 28 28
Jim Mansell 28 26
Willem Van Niekerk 15 36

Prize Winners 2014


Overall Winner: Ben Gottesman (38 points)


Runner Up: Willem Van Niekerk (36)


Nearest The Pin: Ben Gottesman


Longest Drive: Vinnie Smith

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